Premium Code has been created with passion to the original and unique products.

Dear Guests, we hope your holiday was a perfect and unusuall time.
We have the pleasure to invite you on our website and introduce offer of Premium CODE

We offer premium and luxury giftware, homeware and tableware.
About Premium Code
Our clients consist companies of all sizes, from the large stores to the small boutiques. We also cooperate with wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, e-shops and many other businesses.
We have a vast amount of experience with the main focus on customer service and we specilise in meeting every expectation of our clients.
Our goods are exported to many countries around the world and we still anticipate to sign up with the new ones. Our motto and mission is to give people premium quality goods to make them feel special and valued.
Part of our crystalware is produced in Bohemia.




Our crysal range is produced from the meterial which has been developed by the most respected scientists on this planet.

Crystal Glass
This new material is extremely strong and resistant with sparkling brightness and perfect transparency which gives the product spectacular visual effect, like a diamond. This solution was especially created for the customers with the highest requirements on quality that are looking for the best quality solution.

We are green company who takes care about Earth. All our boxes are made from recycled material and these boxes are 100% ready to recyckling agine after sorting.


If you are interested in these products, please feel free to ask us for offer. We are here for you!